Welcome to Camp Darby,

The Service member and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) and Key Spouses group is here for the spouses of service members and civilians assigned to USAG Livorno.

If you are presently assigned to Camp Darby, please download the information sheet and you can turn it in at the Army Community Center (ACS), or send it to your Unit Commander including the Subject: FRG, USAG Livorno.
Thank you.

Family Readiness Group Information Sheet

511th Military Police DSN 633-7210

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment (HHD) DSN 633-7441

3/405th Army Field Support Brigade DSN 633-7500

Livorno Health Clinic DSN 633-8008

839th Transportation Battalion DSN 633-7673

731st MUNS (Air Force) DSN 633-8802


Based on the FRG mission statement, the FRG may fill many important roles, including: build soldier and family cohesion and morale; prepare soldiers and families for separation during deployments and, later, for the stresses of reunion; reduce soldier and family stress; reduce the commanderís and other leadersí workloads; help soldiers focus on their mission during deployments; help families become more self-sufficient; provide an avenue for sharing timely, accurate information; and promote better use of post and community resources. Later, these roles will be translated into the key tasks that effective FRGs plan and implement for their soldiers and families. The FRG is: an information conduit; a welcoming organization; a self-help, referral organization; a source of social support and group activities; and a unit family dedicated to achieving social and military goals. The FRG is not: a babysitting service, a taxi service, a financial institution, a professional counseling agency, or another military organization.