General Information for Military, DOD and Civilian Personnel


Government Controlled Quarters:  All government-controlled family housing at Camp Darby is leased housing in the community, within 40 minutes commute of Camp Darby. There is no on-post government owned family housing dwelling units at Camp Darby. We do not maintain separate waiting lists for specific housing areas for government controlled housing. You will be offered the first set of available quarters, regardless of location. If there are multiple dwelling units available at the same time within your grade and bedroom category you will be allowed a choice of location to be offered. Government leased housing and private rental units vary in size and shape and consist of row houses which are a similar configuration to townhouses in the U.S., duplex units, single houses and stairwell apartments. Depending on your grade and family size, government leased houses range in size from 2 to 4 bedrooms. Usually, homes equipped with garages can be found, however the garages are usually small and will accommodate a small, European-sized vehicle. A maximum of 2 pets are authorized in Government Family Housing.

Electricity: Voltage in Italy is 220-240v at 50 cycles (Asia 60 cycles).  Transformers are available at the Post Exchange and at the Thrift Shop. Also electrical capability within homes is not as extensive as in the United States –The amount of electrical appliances (electrical load) that are able to run at one time will be less than you are most likely accustomed to. Excessive electrical loads are hazardous and can cause house wiring to fail.

Furniture Support

Air Force and Army personnel and eligible DOD government employees (usually hired from CONUS and eligible for LQA) are authorized a "loaner set" of furnishings for 90 days incoming (until Household goods arrive) and 60 days outgoing (upon pick up of HHGs). The loaner sets will accommodate basic needs of beds, chairs, tables and other furniture needed to occupy housing in the absence of personal HHGs. Please do not ship any excess or large items and DO NOT SHIP APPLIANCES. The Furnishings Management Office (FMO) will supply all appliances during you tour (washer, dryer, refrigerator and ranges: dishwashers are not authorized for unaccompanied personnel or single Civilians), in addition, AFN Television decoders, wardrobes and freestanding kitchen cabinets, if required, are authorized.  WHAT TO BRING? Recommend you bring rugs, runners, and area rugs of any kind.  FMO no longer issues rugs - leased quarters, and economy housing is not carpeted. Most often floor surface is ceramic tile with some wood floors or marble.


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