Client Services:

Client Services is located on the Leghorn Army Depot

Telephone Numbers (If calling a DSN line from the U.S., please use the prefix 314):
Director of Public Works, DSN 633-7805/7513

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Develop, coordinate, supervise and provide logistical support to include: Transportation, Supply and Services, DS/GS Maintenance, Budget and Contract Administration, Consolidated Installation Property Book, Supply Financial Research and partnership/regionalization.

BOID Division Chief, DSN 633-7643
Responsible for planning, programming, coordinating, estimating, scheduling and evaluating resources. Supervises and renders technical advice and reports in areas of ERM (Engineering Resource Management Division).

Customer Service Representative, DSN 633-7413
Provides information on procedures, Dpw services and on W.R. status. Is the POC for Work Request and Service Orders.

Job Planning/Estimating, DSN 633-7312
Estimates Work Request for cost. Plans jobs in operational sequence by work elements and crafts. Conducts on-site surveys and coordinates with requesters.

Scheduler, DSN 633-7581
Prepares weekly master schedule of major jobs.

Work Reception, DSN 115
Operates a service call desk for the receipt of telephonic, written or oral requests for minor maintenance and repair work. Transfers emergency work to shops.

Chief Engineering Division, DSN 633-8208

Engineering Services Chief, DSN 633-7801
Responsible for preparation of engineering designs, plans, specifications and detailed cost estimates.

Environmental Management Office, DSN 633-7574/8208/7202
Serves as the principal advisor on environmental affairs.

Contract Management Branch, DSN 633-8940
As Contracting Officer’s representative accomplishes in-progress and final acceptance inspections of maintenance, repair and construction projects.

Real Property Administrator, DSN 633-7979
Controls Community real property. Maintains the automated asset data base containing the inventory of military real property.

Master Planning, DSN 633-7736
Develops the Community master planning documents and mobility expansion capability plans.

O&M Division Chief, DSN 633-7550/7967
Directs and supervises the functions of the Buildings and Structures, Roads and Grounds Branches and provides professional engineering services as required.

Utilities Division Chief, DSN 633-7288/7576
Surfaces and coordinates all activities of the Electrical, Mechanical and Sanitation Branches.

Housing Staff:
Chief Housing Division, DSN 633-8071
Responsible for supervision and operation of the DMC Housing Office.

Housing Management Assistant, DSN 633-7558
Assists in-processing for new arrivals to determinate housing entitlements and requirements.

Budget Assistant, DSN 633-8291
Provides budget control and accounting for Housing Division. Point of contact for Utilities Billings and Military Inter-Services Program Requests.

Chief Customer Service Branch, DSN 633-7303
Responsible for management of the government controlled quarters inventory.

Housing Management Assistant, DSN 633-7303
Provides assignment, pre-termination, and termination of occupancy inspection and showing service for government leased quarters.

Housing Service Liaison, DSN 633-7755
Coordinates work requests for government controlled quarters, assists members in acquiring and terminating phone services for government leased quarters.

Housing Referral Officer, DSN 633-7530
Responsible for gaining new listings for private rental referral, assessing adequacy of private rental assets, translation assistance and lease negotiation. MIHA & OMA authorization.

Housing Referral Assistant, DSN 633-7530
Provides assistance for private rental showing services, lease nrgotiation, acquisition and termination of telephone services, and lease termination. MIHA & OMA authorization.

Supply Technician CFMO, DSN 633-7256
Responsible for CFMO inventory, control and operations. Monitors contract activity for movement of residential furnishings.

Supply Warehouse/Self Help Store, DSN 633-7253
Self Help Store brochure

Household Equipment Services Evaluator, DSN 633-7882
Responsible for determining residential appliance capability and safety for government and private rental quarters. Monitors Appliance Contractor.

Supply Clerk CFMO, DSN 633-7256
Assists in determining government furnishings support elements, requirements, and scheduling deliveries and pickup of government furnishings.

Work Document: Service Orders
Service orders (SO) may be used for minor maintenance and repair jobs such as window repair, replace a light bulb, unplug a sink, etc., that will not exceed 40 hours of labor or a total cost of $1,000 (labor and materials). An SO is simply opened by calling 115 DPW Work Reception (click here to eMail to Ms Magherini, and you can also submit a SO in this manner) who inputs data into IFS, our automations system, and gives a printed copy to our shop foreman for execution. When you call or eMail, specify the problem, the Building Number, the Room Number or the Office Name. Work receptionist will assign a sequential number and the Priority to your request. DPW is responsible only for Real Property maintenance and repair.

Individual Job Orders
IJOs ( commonly know as Work Requests WRs) are used for maintenance and repair exceeding the scope of SOs and construction projects requiring more control of manpower and other required resources. IJO ( DA Form 4283) may be submitted by any organization authorized to request work from the DPW. The Commander of each organization should designate one or more action officers, identified by a signature card, to coordinate submission of work requests, eliminate duplication and act as POC for future information.
Upon receiving a work request the Work Receptionist will review the request for accuracy and after the loggin into IFS system will forward the copy for action.

Standing Operation Orders
Operation Orders are used for plant operation and services and are opened only by DPW Divisions.

Priority Category Number
1. Category 1 - Emergency. Emergency work takes priority over all other work and requires immediate action, including overtime or diverting craftsman from other jobs, if necessary, to cover the emergency. Usually work will be classified as emergency when it consists of correcting failures/problems constituting an immediate danger to life, health, mission, security, or property. Examples include overflowing drains, broken water or steam pipes, gas leaks, major utilities service failure, broken electrical components that may cause fire or shock, stopped-up commodes (when only one is available for use), spillage of hazardous/toxic substances, and accidental lock-ins of small children. Normal response time is within one hour.
2. Category 2 - Urgent. Work required to correct a condition that could become an emergency could seriously affect morale or have command emphasis. Examples include heating and warm supply outages, air-conditioning system failure, or functional failure of ranges and refrigerators. To be completed within seven (7) days of receipt of the Service Order.
3. Category 3 - Routine. Work not meeting the criteria for categories 1 or 2. This category covers required work that, if not accomplished, would merely continue an inconvenience or unsightly condition, SOs in this category will generally be grouped for accomplishment in the most economical manner on a first-come-first-served basis. Some of the work requirement in this category may be combined into IJOs. When possible, every effort should be made to respond to and complete routine SOs within 30 days

DPW Responsablities
DPW is responsible for maintenance and repair of all Camp Darby, Depot, Ammo and Tirrenia Beach facilities and utilities (heat, water, electricity, etc).
DPW is NOT responsible for hand receipt items, telephones, computers.